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Re: Info on cn=Monitor items

Howard Chu wrote:

Had the OL developers considered adding a description attribute to
*,cn=Monitor entries?

In many cases, yes. As you may notice yourself by running a search for "(description=*)" under "cn=Monitor".

The design and contents of cn=monitor is still undergoing change. It's far too early to be worrying about making it user friendly. First we have to actually make it meet our (developer's) minimum needs.

I concur with the above, although I notice that in many cases the layout of the monitor database didn't change for long time. So any attempt to document it (like Gavin's) would be welcome, provided the document itself is considered a work in progress. If you have useful suggestions ("improve the documents" is too broad to be useful), please feel free to jump in; I suggest that you first discuss the topic on the mailing list, and then, as soon as you get to some clearly defined feature request, I recommend you use the ITS <http://www.openldap.org/its/> and gather all your suggestions in self-consistent groups before you submit them to the ITS. Separate ITSes for separate features are preferred because they ease tracking.

I believe monitoring is the typical topic that **needs** user feedback, since it is meant to provide information that is primarily useful to the end users. Keep in mind that in our view, monitoring information is mainly meant to be machine-readable, with human-readability as a second choice. For this reason, too pedantic descriptions should definitely be avoided. What the description attribute should hold is sort of a note that a GUI could use to self-document the piece of information it is presenting.


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