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Info on cn=Monitor items

Is there any available documentation explaining the meanings (what is
monitored) of every item under cn=Monitor.

In particular, I'm not sure about the exact meaning of:
* cn=Log,cn=Monitor
* cn=Bytes,cn=Statistics,cn=Monitor
  (sent Bytes since started?)
* cn=PDU,cn=Statistics,cn=Monitor
  (don't know what PDU means)
* cn=Entries,cn=Statistics,cn=Monitor
  (in my system it shows very high, maybe because of my cn=accesslog and
   cn=config contexts. It's planned to have Entries per context basis?)
* cn=Backload,cn=Threads,cn=Monitor
* cn=Runqueue,cn=Threads,cn=Monitor
  (monitoredInfo always have value (), what are possible values for 
   this attribute)
* cn=Read,cn=Waiters,cn=Monitor
  (in my system it shows 15, did it mean that there was 15 threads 
   waiting to query the DIT? if so, it's strange for me give that this 
   system is only for testing with 2 o 3 clients and such a number of 
   read waiters are very improbable)

Had the OL developers considered adding a description attribute to
*,cn=Monitor entries?