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RE: upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3, LDIF file difference...

Thanks for the reply. After looking at the conf file, inetorgperson.schema
wasn't being included. I added a line to include it, but now I get the
following error when starting slapd:

/opt/openldap//etc/openldap/schema/inetorgperson.schema: line 155:
AttributeType not found: "audio"

It seems something is off in the formatting of this particular schema file,
unless there's something else to add to my conf file. I took the same schema
file (from openldap.org) and compared it to the one that came with redhat's
RPM installation, and the files are identical in size. I get the same error
using their schema file. Any more suggestions?

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>>>>> "Dan" == Dan Denton <ddenton@remitpro.com> writes:

    Dan> modifying entry "cn=jjohnson,ou=users,dc=remitpro,dc=local"
    Dan> ldap_modify: Invalid syntax (21) additional info:
    Dan> objectclass: value #1 invalid per syntax

I got that once (or twice) when the LDAP server was missing an
objectclass definition. Are you loading all schema's?