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ACL to bind groups from a IP

First of all, sorry for my english.
I will try to be clear.
I have a LDAP server running perfectly. I have this in it:

                       objectClass: posixGroup
                       gidnumber: 10

                       objectClass: posixGroup
                       gidnumber: 11

Now, I would like to autheticate users who belong to "profesores" , from IP=
On the other hand, I would like to autheticate users who belongs to "alumnos", from IP=
And at last, the same, but with both groups, and from IP=333.333.333.333.

And in all the cases, the autheticated users could change their password.

I have looked the manual, but I only obtain that all the users( o nodoby) bind from a specific IP, but I don't know with groups of users.

Does anybody can help me??
Thanks you very much!

Daniel Perez

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