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RE: Rewrite searchDN based on searchFilter

> Hi Gavin,
> thanks for your reply.  I've had a look at and installed 2.4.5 beta, but I
> can't seem to find anything relevent.  Was there a particular element you
> were thinking of for my situation?
> Does 2.4.5 beta provide a way to define the order of the rewrite contexts
> through the conf file?

OpenLDAP 2.4 sets the variable "searchFilter" before doing any rewriting
within the search operation.  However I see an issue there: the session is
defined as connection-wise, but there might be concurrent search
operations within a connection, so it seems that to exploit this feature
we need a more granular definition of "session".  This is harmless if your
clients perform one session at a time.


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