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RE: regarding custom schema

> Hello all,


>> I derive an objectClass from organizationalUnit  and make it AUXILIARY. I

>> am getting this error


>> Can any one please explain , me why this error comes


>> user-defined ObjectClass has inappropriate SUPerior


>There's no reason to derive an AUXILIARY from a STRUCTURAL anyway. >Derive your

>AUXILIARY from top, or make it STRUCTURAL and derive from a STRUCTURAL.





Hello Buchan,

Thanks for the reply.

1) Second choice of making new objectClass STRUCTURAL is fine for me , but will there be any restrictions for new STRUCTURAL object classes to be created from any parent (for instance, organizationalUnit)

And from this, new STRUCTURAL class, if I derive one more hierarchy down , will there be any restrictions for that grand child object class.

2) Can I know why is that restriction that AUXILIARY cannot be derived from STRUCTURAL?


Thanks in advance,




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