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Re: Manual suggestion (Was: Re: Error 32 and 65 - why?)

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
Keryx Info skrev, on 30-09-2007 15:06:


BTW, where is this in the manual?

Suggestion: Adding "The very first thing you add into your directory *must* be the organization object that corresponds to your settings in slapd.conf" will decrease the possibility of someone making my mistake (and yes I had read that part of the manual... Only I thought it was an example.)

On this address (which was súggested as an answer to my question by Buchan Milne) http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin23/dbtools.html#Creating%20a%20database%20over%20LDAP

it clearly says that it is an *example* of what one *might* add:

"For example, to add an organization entry and an organizational role entry using the ldapadd tool, you could create an LDIF file called entries.ldif with the contents..."

This had better be changed into saying that this *must* be the first thing one shall add!

Ergo: I had read the manual, it was not clear! No hard feelings, though.

Dette er et forferdelig eksempel på folks mangel på innsikt = This is a dreadful example of peoples' lack of judgment/understanding.

On the OpenLDAP site there is a link to "OpenLDAP Admin Guide", with a dedicated link to "Quick Start Guide" in it.

In the Quick Start Guide there is a hand-holding example (*really* OpenLDAP for Dummies stuff) of exactly how to start an OL database. You obviously did *not* read the manual, it *is* clear, maybe you cannot read English well enough.


Yes, Tonni is correct, and like Aaron said, it's clearly stated in step 10 of the Quickstart guide. Couldn't be clearer.


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Gavin Henry.
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