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Is one-way replication possible?

   I have the following situation:

   It is not managed by me and I can just take user and group
information from it.

  |_ ou=Groups
  |_ ou=Users

   Managed by me, it's a Samba PDC backend and account database for
several services.

  |_ ou=Computers
  |_ ou=Groups
  |_ ou=Users

On ServerB I have the same users (uid's) as ServerA AND users from my
location. What I need is to sync just the userPassword attribute from
users on ServerA to the same users on ServerB.

Now, I thought about using syncrepl, but I have several problems:
   a. The BaseDN's are different. I would manage to change it on
ServerB if have no choice, but would rather "suffixmassage" it in some
way if possible.
   b. If I configure ServerB as a slave, then I can't modify it any
more, cause it referres modifications to the master. I just want the
userPassword synced from ServerA, but I need to be able to manage the
other users and objects on the tree. So, the replication should be
kind of "one-way only", but don't know if such thing is possible.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me with pointers or
suggestions about how to accomplish this, or what alternatives do I
have for a schema like this.

Thanks in advance.-