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Importing of data


I am totally new to openldap. I have an openldap 2.2.20 running on
solaris 8. I needed to install and migrate it to linux. I have
suuceesfully comiled and installed openldap 2.2.20 on redhat linux.
Now I am unable to understand what do I have to do inorder to migrate
all the data. I have already copied the schema files and edited the
slapd.conf file according to what it was on the solaris machine. I
have a vague idea that I will have to migrate the db files some how,
may be using ldiff...On my solaris machine I do have the data folder
which contains all the db files, should I just copy those in the
openldap-data folder on linux machine? If any one can please point me
into right direction...

thanks and regards