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Re: syncrepl only updates after consumer restart

Robert Fitzpatrick <lists@webtent.net> writes:

> I have 2.3.38 running on a provider and two consumers. Not every time,
> but most of the time, when I make an update to the provider, the
> consumers do not receive until I manually go there and restart the
> consumer, then all updates. I have loglevel set to 512 on both machines,
> is this enough to catch the problem. I have grep'd the debug.log on
> these FreeBSD machines and can't find any warn or error messages.
> What is the best way for me to find the problem? Also, I'd like to know
> if by merely replacing the syncrepl parameters from slapd.conf with the
> overlay parameters, will this will make a consumer a master server in
> the event of the provider going down indefinitely? And then be able to
> redirect other consumers to this new provider?

To switch a consumer to master, you may configure mirror mode.


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