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Re: Schema not available after restarting with slapd.d

Maykel Moya (lists) wrote:
I'd added a schema[1] while the server is running via cn=config. Its
classes becomes inmediatly available as expected. When I restart the
server those classes are not available anymore. There is no obvious
error in debugging info. The slapd.d/cn=config/cn=include{4}.ldif is
still here.

Include file objects in slapd.d are always ignored. They're only saved to preserve a historical record of the slapd.conf file they originated in.

The correct way to add schema is to LDAPadd a schema object as a child under the cn=schema,cn=config subtree.

If i use the conf file instead of the conf dir, the schema classes are
available always.

I'm using version 2.3.38.

Please let me know is there any other specific info I should include.


[1] http://www.bayour.com/openldap/schemas/qmail.schema


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