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Re: optimal index for ldap

> The problem here is when I have index on cn, it didn't finds what I search
> for. Here is search query -
> ldapsearch -x -b "dc=zlemail,dc=com" "(cn=rr1)"

>Did you consult the documentation? For instance, please see the section on the
>index directive in the man page for slapd-bdb. It says:
>"Note:   changing   index   settings   in
 >            slapd.conf(5)  requires  rebuilding  indices,  see
Thanks Buchan! I did slapdindex and its working fine now.....Thanks once again for your help!

> Now if I remove index on cn, it does finds record but complains about index
> failed on cn. Also it takes considerable amount of time for search
> operation to complete. Do I need to revisit my ldap database structuring?

I may be miles away... but I am just a mail away.... so keep mailing...!!!