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Re: optimal index for ldap

On Wednesday 19 September 2007 15:52:02 Ace wrote:
>> Hi Masters,
>> We have around 100000 entries of the form -
>> dn: cn=rr1,ou=addressbook,dc=zlemail,dc=com
>> objectClass: top
> > objectClass: inetOrgPerson
>> mail: rr1@oo.com
>> userPassword: a@123
>> cn: rr1
>> sn: rr1
>> What should be the index for fast search?

>As Quanah and Aaron replied, the search filters you use will determine the
>indexes you need.

> However, most mail clients will search on the cn, sn, and maybe the mail
>attribute, so you probable need equality and substring indexes on those 3
> attributes, plus the standard equality index on objectclass. It is unlikely
>that you will need to index userPassword.
Ok. I tried having indexes on cn, sn and mail as -
index default eq
index cn eq,pres
index sn eq, pres
index mail eq,pres
index objectClass eq
The problem here is when I have index on cn, it didn't finds what I search for. Here is search query -
ldapsearch -x -b "dc=zlemail,dc=com" "(cn=rr1)"
Now if I remove index on cn, it does finds record but complains about index failed on cn. Also it takes considerable amount of time for search operation to complete. Do I need to revisit my ldap database structuring?

>However, I note that with a relatively large database, your entry cache and
>backend database cache tuning is also critical to performance.
Yes. I am using cachesize = 1000000 and DB_CONFIG file same as DB_CONFIG.example (no changes made)

>If you are seeing high CPU utilisation, check the logs for errors relating to
>indexes, and add the indexes slapd is complaining are missing. If you have
>high load average but low CPU utilisation (thus high load due to IO wait),
>you need to look at your cache tuning.

Its a high CPU utilization. Refer above reply for index problem.

>For anyone to provide more assistance, you need to provide more details on
>your configuration (OpenLDAP version, backend you are using, any tuning you
>have done, possibly the sizes of the files in your database directory).
My LDAP version is 2.3.32, bdb backend.


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