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Re: optimal index for ldap

On Wednesday 19 September 2007 15:52:02 Ace wrote:
> Hi Masters,
> We have around 100000 entries of the form -
> dn: cn=rr1,ou=addressbook,dc=zlemail,dc=com
> objectClass: top
> objectClass: inetOrgPerson
> mail: rr1@oo.com
> userPassword: a@123
> cn: rr1
> sn: rr1
> What should be the index for fast search?

As Quanah and Aaron replied, the search filters you use will determine the 
indexes you need.

However, most mail clients will search on the cn, sn, and maybe the mail 
attribute, so you probable need equality and substring indexes on those 3 
attributes, plus the standard equality index on objectclass. It is unlikely 
that you will need to index userPassword.

However, I note that with a relatively large database, your entry cache and 
backend database cache tuning is also critical to performance.

If you are seeing high CPU utilisation, check the logs for errors relating to 
indexes, and add the indexes slapd is complaining are missing. If you have 
high load average but low CPU utilisation (thus high load due to IO wait), 
you need to look at your cache tuning.

For anyone to provide more assistance, you need to provide more details on 
your configuration (OpenLDAP version, backend you are using, any tuning you 
have done, possibly the sizes of the files in your database directory).