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Re: Advice on restoring database and keeping kerberos mappings to users in the database

If you have a complete/coherent slapcat output, and you stop slapd, remove your database and perform a slapadd using that output, without modifying your configuration (i.e. slapd.conf), you should end up with identical behavior with identical data...this is regardless of if your slapd instance serves as a KDC, a {KERBEROS} frontend, or anything else.

This assumes there's no bugs in slapadd, of course. In 2.2.13 that may not be a valid assumption, but you're likely to get away with it. I'd think that the biggest precondition is the "complete/coherent slapcat"...take a read through the LDIF first and manually sanity check it.

On Wed, 19 Sep 2007, Ezra Taylor wrote:

Hello all:
               I'm running Openldap version 2.2.13-7.4E and kerberos on
Redhat 4 u4.  I know we are in desperate need of an upgrade.  I noticed that
the database is corrupted and would like to know if I do a restore with
slapadd if the Kerberos passwords continue to map with the users in ldap
database?  If not, what tasks do I have to execute to map the kerberos
passwords with the users in the ldap database?

Thanks for all your help.

Ezra Taylor