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Re: What is this? It doesn't work...


first post from me to the list and no I'm not an LDAP expert and I still
have a lot to learn about OpenLDAP.
It is possible to learn it with the existing documentation but it takes
some time!
> I don't understand how complicated software like this gets widely
> deployed and accepted when documentation on it is so limited and
> unclear... It is quite difficult to get ldap to function properly and
> am left with the question of how the hell anyone can figure out how to
> get this piece of software to do anything! If there was some form of
> acceptable documentation....
I have read a lot about LDAP and OpenLDAP in 2 Books and various
articles in Unix/Linux magazines.

Take a look at your local bookstore or Amazon, etc.

LINUX MAGAZINE has puplished an article about LDAP Authentication:

Part one: http://www.linux-mag.com/id/3722/

Part two: http://www.linux-mag.com/id/4124/

I think they are good for a start.

And there are a lot of other books and sources on the Internet, too.
Have a look at