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Re: What is this? It doesn't work...

On Tuesday 18 September 2007 07:14:39 Hex Star wrote:
> I don't understand how complicated software like this gets widely deployed
> and accepted when documentation on it is so limited and unclear...

I did not have any large problems deploying OpenLDAP the first time I tried 
it, using 2.0.x I think.

> It is 
> quite difficult to get ldap to function properly

Are you referring to specific software implementing the LDAP protocol, or the 
LDAP protocol itself?

I find it quite trivial to get OpenLDAP working on any decent Linux 

> and am left with the 
> question of how the hell anyone can figure out how to get this piece of
> software to do anything! If there was some form of acceptable
> documentation....

The admin guide was sufficient for me to understand how to set the software up 
correctly. However, maybe you have insufficient background knowledge of the 
LDAP data model etc., and think that for some reason the guide to 
administering the OpenLDAP server software should teach you everything there 
is to know about the data model, protocol, other software etc.

So, maybe you can start a new thread, and ask some real questions.