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Re: openldap client - detect paging and count number of entries search return

Anoob Backer wrote:
hi all,

i would like to know best way to accomplish the below given operations; considering both time and memory

* detect whether LDAP server has enabled paging (without making an ldap_search call; preferably)
currently i am doing a ldap_search and detecting the error code LDAP_NOT_SUPPORTED, then reverting back

What is the point of using the paging control in this situation? There's pretty much no good reason to ever use it.

* counting the number of entries satisfying particular filter
i am planning to do an asynchronous LDAP search and do a ldap_count_entries on the result

If you're going to wait for the result before you start counting, then there's no point in doing an asynchronous search.

thanks bekz

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