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Re: Use translucent with back-meta in one single slapd instance

Daniel Montero Motilla wrote:
> 2007/9/12, Daniel Montero Motilla <damonmo@gmail.com>:
>> Hi, I'm very interested on using the translucent overlay features on
>> my preexisting metadirectory implemented via back-meta (openldap
>> 2.3.27). With my setup, the solution would be using translucent with
>> back-meta or indirectly using back-relay, but the translucent overlay
>> only supports back-ldap (any plans to change this in the future?).
>> As a workaround, I am using another slapd instance listening on a
>> different port, configured with translucent pointing to the other
>> slapd instance serving the metadirectory. This setup works as
>> expected, but it would be great if I could implement the same
>> behaviour using only one slapd instance. Do you have any idea about
>> how to implement that? maybe using some magic with slapo-rwm?
> Watching at the feedback, it seems I will have to get stuck with the
> two slapd instances setup...

The short answer is: no, it's not possible.

I can't tell it for sure, because I'm not familiar enough with the
internals of slapo-translucent(5), but probably it should be possible,
and not too difficult: in translucent_db_init() it instantiates a
private instance of back-ldap by calling backend_db_init( "ldap", ...).
 If you replace "ldap" with "meta", it should not barf.  However I can't
tell for sure if there's any adverse side effect.  If you succeed, you
could turn that into a patch that allows to select whatever backend.  Of
course, slapo-translucent(5) only makes sense when used with non-local
storages, like back-ldap and back-meta, and possibly back-sql.


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