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Re: Can't start with DB_BUFFER_SMALL error

Jason Lixfeld wrote:
On 14-Sep-07, at 12:18 PM, Howard Chu wrote:
Another possibility is that you created the DB on a 64-bit machine and are now trying to read it with 32-bit code, since that would also affect the size of the item in question.

That's exactly what happened - my master is on amd64, slave is on i386. I had slurpd running, but couldn't figure out if the databases were sync'd. The servers hadn't been talking in awhile, so I figured the easiest thing to do was to sync up the databases again manually, then fire up slurpd.

You are never supposed to copy the raw database files around. slapcat/slapadd are the only documented means for backing up/migrating/restoring databases.

My plan of attack will just be to slapcat the master and slapadd it on the slave, then fire up slurpd. The slave is the one that's showing the error - the master is fine.

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