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Re: configure OpenLDAP to allow directory users - change pass

Anne Moore wrote:
You mean like so: ldappasswd -x -D cn=annem,dc=mydomain,dc=com

I also tried: ldappasswd -x -D cn=annem,dc=mydomain,dc=com -w newpassword

Yes, I tried that. No dice. It gives me an error:

"additional info: unauthenticated bind (DN with no password) disallowed"

Which of course means the regular user isn't allowed to bind to their own
account and their password. So, I'm back to the drawing board. I still can't
figure out how to change slapd.conf to enable regular users to change their
own passwords...


It would help if you paid attention and reported *exactly* what you typed and *exactly* what output you got from each command. For example, it is *impossible* for this command:
ldappasswd -x -D cn=annem,dc=mydomain,dc=com -w newpassword
to return this result:
"additional info: unauthenticated bind (DN with no password) disallowed"

Nobody can possibly help you when you supply incorrect information about what you're doing.
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