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Re: configure OpenLDAP to allow directory users - change pass

Anne Moore wrote:
> Haha, yah perhaps so! However, that didn't work either. Now I just get
> another set of errors:
> "Result: Strong(er) authentication required (8)
> Additional info: only authenticated users may change passwords"
> This is a major pain in the butt... 
> I just wish there was documentation on there on the basics of this setup,
> but so far, I've found nothing...

The documentation on the basics of this setup has to be there, since
thousands of users and administrators are happily using it, and I see
very few >20 message long threads on the subject.

Since you seem to be unable to get those basics, you probably need to
hire some expert consultant to do it for you.  Please browse the (non
exaustive) list of consultants at <http://www.openldap.org/support/> and
pick one.


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