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Re: updatedn and refreshAndPersist in slapd.conf(5) in HEAD

> No where in there is updatedn.

Yeah, it's still in HEAD slapd.conf(5) though.

> Also in slapd.conf:
> updatedn <dn>
> 	      This option is only applicable in a slave database updated using
> 	      slurpd(8).   It specifies the DN permitted to update (subject to
> 	      access  controls)  the  replica  (typically,  this  is  the   DN
> 	      slurpd(8)  binds	to  update  the  replica).  Generally, this DN
> 	      should not be the same as the rootdn used at the master.

The above isn't the latest slapd.conf(5), which doesn't talk about slurpd