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Re: dn aliases?

Ron Parker wrote:

> Can't argue with that.  I do appreciate the assistance.  I had the Linux
> rpm version of openldap working just perfectly -- then my boss insisted
> that I get this dn aliasing thing working because he didn't want end
> users to see the actual root dn.  Sigh.

I didn't mean to be rude, but it seems that the help you need is not
just about OpenLDAP, and this is not the right place to discuss issues
not strictly related to OpenLDAP.  Unfortunately, without hands-on it's
hard to understand what's going on.  Probably, looking for rpms that
contain the desired features is the right way to go.  I think you've
already been pointed to some of them, I think you should give them a
spin.  And don't forget to wipe out the db, especially when it's just a
test db, when you change build version.  It shouldn't matter, except
occasionally when changing minor version number (the X in 2.X.Y),
provided everything was built fine, but it would clear out one possible
source of erratic behavior, just in case.


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