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Re: Where to find error messages?

Marcum, Bob wrote:
> I get the following error message from my running ldap instance:
> <= bdb_equality_candidatges: (objectClass) index param failed (18)
> It doesn't really seem to have much effect on the ldap operations, but I
> would like to know what the message is telling me.  Mostly, I would like
> to know where to look and how to decode such ldap messages (without
> having to ask every time :).

There is no specific documentation for those messages; in any case, it
is simply indicating that a filter contained an attribute value
assertion that is  non-indexed, and thus could not be exploited for
search candidate selection.  It has null impact on functionality, it's
only there so that you can decide to indicize that attribute.  Actually,
slapd-bdb(5) reports that back-bdb/hdb **NEED** equality index on
objectClass to function properly, so that message is indeed very important.


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