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Re: SASL/OTP authentication started (fixed)

Sorry, it's my fault in installing SASL, now it's ok:
SASL/OTP authentication started

My previous SASL installing is missing GSSAPI authentication.

Thank you for your attention.

2007/9/10, Le Trung Kien <aloneattack@gmail.com>:
 Hi everybody,
I want to use SASL/GSSAPI, but each time I try ldapwhoami or ldapadd, ldapmodify ...
I get :

SASL/OTP authentication started
ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Invalid credentials (49)
additional info: SASL(-13): user not found: no OTP secret in database

then I added  "-Y GSSAPI" , I received:

ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: Unknown authentication method (-6)
additional info: SASL(-4): no mechanism available: No worthy mechs found

more information:
I have created a principal : ldapadmin@MYREALM to direct mapping rootdn.
a principal for ldap service: ldap/host@MYREALM
and have added a keytab file for ldap service, then I started slapd with option :  -n ldap

Please suggest me any idea.
Thank you.

Le Trung Kien.

Le Trung Kien.