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Re: Performance issue with In-Memory BDB

Patches should be submitted using the ITS <http://www.openldap.org/its/>. 
In any case, you should definitely patch HEAD code, as 2.3.35 is months
old and in a long ago feature-frozen development branch, the current being

I'll note that having the database in memory is an improper use, since it
breaks data persistency.  So it should at least be a configure and not a
build option.


> Sorry, but I could not understand the meaning of back-bdb residing in
> I have attached a diff over openldap-2.3.35 for changes regarding BDB
> in-memory.
> This mainly has changes for keeping logs,environment and databases in
> memory.
> The bdb in-memory code  is under #ifdef BDB_INMEMORY
> I am trying out different environment cache sizes  to check any
> performance
> difference.

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