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Re: Multiple Schema

Howard Chu wrote:
> Suhel Momin wrote:
>> I am planning to have multiple DIT's.
>> These DIT's may use different customised Schema.
>> Now my problem is to store these schema such that DIT's will use their
>> respective schema definition.
>> This is because the attributetype or objectclass in these different
>> schemas
>> might overlap.
>> Hence I want to keep them seperate and use them for a particular
>> DIT.   Is
>> this possible?
> Not in the current versions.
> [..]
> Use multiple slapd instances. Use proxies and subordinate to glue them
> together if necessary.

Note that in such a scenario with back-ldap/meta and glue a schema-aware
LDAPv3 client does not have a chance to do the right thing. (And yes,
web2ldap asks for the relevant subschema subentry for each part of the
DIT all the time.)

Ciao, Michael.