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Re: Requesting advice for repairing a syncRepl issue

Benjamin Lewis skrev, on 31-08-2007 20:27:


Fixed in OpenLDAP 2.3.35:

        Fixed slapd syncrepl delta-sync modlist free (ITS#4904)

I suggest you upgrade your master, given that 2.3.30 is already known to have an issue with delta-sync. Also, rather than just stopping slapd and running slapindex, you may want to stop slapd, go to the cn=log db, and remove the index bdb files (keeping the database bdb files, like id2entry.bdb and dn2id.bdb), and then run slapindex, so that the old index files are completely purged. I'll also note that 2.3.38 is the current stable release, so there are many other good reasons to upgrade. ;)

Thank you for the advice. An upgrade to 2.3.38 was already planned for other reasons but now I have good reason to push up the timeline.

This with Red Hat RHL5 and Fedora FC6:

Even with OL 2.3.38 at two different sites I experienced the same problem that caused much head-banging until I finally found out what was happening.

The delta-syncrepl directory was becoming corrupted and all MOD/DEL/MODRDN (all updates) were hanging slapd. When I (on my test machine) deleted the whole directory content - apart from DB_CONFIG - and restarted slapd, the content was recreated and things went back to normal. Doing a db_recover -c hadn't had any effect ...


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl