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Re: Can't add Organizational Unit

>> > now i'm using ldapadd, and it wants me to enter a password... i tryed
>> my
>> > RootDN password but it don't works... any idea of what kind of
>> password
>> it
>> > demands?
>> Try your birth date.  Or the password associated to the identity you're
>> using.  Unfortunately I don't know what identity you're using.
>> p.
> I mean "what kind of password", not "what password".

Sorry, I couldn't resist.  But the only types of passwords I know are
those that work and those that don't.

> I'm using my RootDN
> user.

Then use your rootdn password, the one that's in rootpw.

> I'm using
> cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com
> password -> secret
> (i think that when you talk about an "identity" you mean a DN,

An "identity" for SIMPLE bind is a DN; an identity for a SASL bind is
whatever specified by the SASL mechanism in use.  That's why I don't want
to be more specific than you about the type of identity you're using,
since I'm not you.

> and this is
> the account i use to login to the OpenLDAP server from the servers i'm
> working with, and it works)
> the command i used is:
> ldapadd -f oufile.ldif -D "cn=Manager,dc=intranet,dc=techno,dc=com" -w
> secret

Well, if "cn=Manager,dc=intranet,dc=techno,dc=com" is your rootdn, if
"secret" is your rootpw, and if you add a "-x" to select SIMPLE bind, that
should work.

> (all the dn, cn, dc, password and filenames are ficticious, of course)

of course.


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