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Re: database meta question

> Hi Pierangelo ,
> I hope you don't mind the direct mail...

Yes, I do.  My employer also does, since I'm using their IT resources to
answer private mails about what they usually ask me to do for business,
and you're not one of their customers.

> I just don't want to make
> public the names bing used.

Since you sent them by unencrypted email, they're already public. 
Moreover, I don't see anything really confidential in what you sent.  And,
I don't feel bound to any confidentiality, since we didn't sign any NDA. 
However, I'm removing anything you considered sensitive from this
response, by now.

> I am using openldap-2.3.35.

Good.  Not the latest, but the proxy backends should be safe.

However, you need to understand that there is a trivial error in your
configuration.  If you enable config log level, slapd (or slaptest) will
tell you where the error is.  It is not clear what you want to do.

Asking why a configuration is not correct is usually the wrong question,
because it only leaves room for partial answers, like "fix syntax errors"
(which are usually already answered by man pages, FAQs & co., BTW).  If
you explain what you want to obtain, perhaps someone can tell you how to
obtain it.  Perhaps, from the multiple answers you might get, you can
learn how things work, and how to make them work best.


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