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Re: syncrepl with ssl

James <james@nttmcl.com> writes:

> Hi guys i have a slight problem with syncrepl only when using ssl.
> When i use syncrepl without ssl the replication process works fine.
> I can access the master ldap server fine over ssl as well as the
> consumer but replication doesn't work
> Both have the same cacert
> Here's the Consumer part of the slapd.conf:
> syncrepl rid=1
>         provider=ldaps://master.xxx.com:636
>         binddn="cn=repadmin,dc=xxx,dc=com"
>         bindmethod=simple
>         searchbase="dc=xxx,dc=com"
>         type=refreshOnly
>         interval=00:01:00:00
>         filter="(objectClass=*)"
>         scope=sub
>         attrs="*"
>         schemachecking=off
>         credentials=xxxxxx

And what is the TLS part of the consumer slapd.conf looking like?


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