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Re: High availability

On Wednesday 22 August 2007 11:29:52 Taymour A. El Erian wrote:
> Buchan Milne wrote:
> > On Wednesday 22 August 2007 08:35:37 Taymour A. El Erian wrote:
> >> if test ! -x /usr/sbin/.3 ; then
> >>         echo "Could not locate slapd(8)"
> >>         exit 1
> >> fi
> >
> > This is a victim of trying to get the tests working in a separate
> > package. It's quite obvious what the fix is ... make it
> > /usr/sbin/slapd2.3 instead of /etc/sbin/.3. (and in scripts/defines.sh
> > too).
> >
> > If it's not fixed yet, I'll try and fix it soon ...
> I have built the RPMS from your src RPM on RHEL 3 U8. I already tried to
> do this before I sent the email to the list and I get the following error
> Running slapadd to build slapd database...
> ./scripts/test032-chain: line 31: /usr/sbin/.3: No such file or directory

Following the instructions directly above (taking into account I 
mistyped /usr/sbin/.3 as /etc/sbin/.3) would have fixed this (I tested it 
myself), but I have fixed the issue in the 2.3.38 packages which are now 
available (from http://staff.telkomsa.net/packages/), and it is now possible 
to run all the tests using only the binary packages, by:

1)sudo yum install openldap2.3-tests
2)export TMPDIR=/tmp
3)cd /usr/share/openldap2.3/tests
4)make tests

(This packaging of the tests was initially done for Mandriva, which at present 
doesn't need the versioned suffix for 2.3)