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Re: running DB on different machine than slapd

"Kelly, Terence P" <terence.p.kelly@hp.com> writes:

> For a variety of reasons I would like to run
> the back-end database beneath slapd on a
> different machine than slapd.
> This appears to be difficult using the Berkeley
> DB.
> Can anyone offer suggestions on how to run
> slapd and the database --- any database ---
> on separate machines?
> Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.

If the remote database is a ldap server, you may use back_ldap.
If the remote database is a RDBM you may use a combination of
back_sql, back_relay and probably back_ldap or back_meta.
If the remote database is of any other type you may use back_perl. 
But note that the performance would be rather poor compared to
back_bdb or back_hdb.


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