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is this possible


I have been looing into LDAP for a few days now (I am fairly new to
it) and here is what I am attempting to do (but I haven't figured out
if it is possible).

Currently I have access to an LDAP server that I use with
apache/subversion to control access.  This works but I would like to
add some things, such as group information into LDAP to simplify some
configuration (I have more applciations other than apache/subversion
that need LDAP authendication).

I am not able to get changes made to the server that I have access to
so what I figured would make sense is to inplement my own openldap
server and add the group info there.  I don't want to have the
passwords in my own LDAP server, I want to pass password requests onto
the upstream server.

So, is it possible for an openldap server to pass some requests onto
another server and still provide other information to clients?

Hopefully that is clear :-)