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Re: High availability

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
Taymour A. El Erian skrev, on 16-08-2007 15:24:


Would you happen to have any documentation on how to implement chaining ?

If you've built from source (Buchan's srpm or whatever) and have a build directory from a successful build, go to $DIR/tests, run './run test032-chain'; when it's done, got to ./testrun and look at both slapd.?.conf; that should give you a basic idea, together with the rest there.

I always get this error

Could not locate slapd(8)

I checked the code and this happens because of the following check

if test ! -x /usr/sbin/.3 ; then

However, I broke my own chain slapd config file on the relevant (Samba) slave server and my shell scripts which I use for master updates etc. kept getting referral errors, even with the above configs. I spent "a good time" on this and finally got it working again with the following:

overlay chain
chain-uri               ldaps://ldap.master/
chain-idassert-bind     bindmethod=simple

I was using digest-md5 SASL binding and ldap with starttls, which I always use for all replication etc., but that was what was breaking chaining - no idea why.

This is OL 2.3.37, BTW.



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