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Re: refint monitoring changes made to parent node?

Zhang Weiwu wrote:

> As in manual:
>        Integrity  is maintained by updating database records which contain the
>        named attributes to match the results of a modrdn or delete  operation.
> Is it feasible and possible the future version also maintain referential
> integrity by "updating database records which contain the named
> attributes to match /and subtree match/ the results of a modrdn or
> delete  operation."
> Which means:
> entry:
> dn: cn=Wang,ou=sales,o=example.com
> ...
> dn: o=Su,ou=sales,o=example.com
> manager: cn=Wang,ou=sales,o=example.com
> now: 
> $ ldapmodrdn ou=sales,o=example.com ou=sales,ou=marketing,o=example.com
> Currently the referential integrity is not maintained in such case,
> value of 'manager' attribute of "o=Su,ou=sales,o=example.com" is not
> changed, resulting to an invalid manager attribute value.

I think the reason is that when slapo-refint(5) was designed, no backend
supported subtree renaming.

> Would it be
> interesting in such case to have updated 'manager' attribute too? e.g.
> as a feature request.

Yes it would.  I suggest you file an ITS for this "feature request"
(actually, right now it sounds more like a bug fix for users of
slapd-hdb(5) and slapo-refint(5)).

> Thanks. Might be stupid idea but would love to know why it's stupid
> (probably "non-leaf node should be changed as less as possible or not at
> all, re-construct your LDAP structure.")

That's another business.


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