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Re: TLS verify errors

--On Thursday, August 16, 2007 8:29 PM -0500 User1001 <supraexpress@globaleyes.net> wrote:

Failure on just CAcert could be ownership/permission problems (file vs
app). If there is more than one CA in the "certificate chain", then a
single CAcert might not succeed. If OS X has "ktrace" (or equivalent), it
might help to identify what is being looked for when single CAcert
directive is used.

If you read my note, you'll see that I already showed that file permissions were not an issue. In any case, setting up roots .ldaprc had the same result in starting slapd -- it wouldn't start. And there is only the single ca.pem file in that directory, so it isn't a case of multiple CA certs, either.



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