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Re: information regarding rfc

Arunachalam Parthasarathy wrote:
> Thanks for the reply. Actually many of the third party client like
> jxplorer says, they are complying to RFC 2251. With respect to that i
> was asking the above question, because of this difference, will there be
> any problems. Anyways I will check the exact differences between these
> RFCs (2251 and 4511) and get back. Thanks once again.

RFC 4511 ff is simply a newer revision of RFC 2251 ff. The goal of the
IETF-LDAPBIS WG to produce a new set of LDAPv3 RFCs to clarify
misunderstandings caused by the older RFCs without changing LDAPv3 at
all and without affecting older LDAP implementations.

Ciao, Michael.