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Re: preserve value order with referential integrity overlay?

å 2007-08-14äç 10:30 -0700ïHoward Chuåéï
> Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> > One dump question, the draft you composed expires at end of 2006, does
> > that mean this draft will no longer become RFC and (thus?) have no
> > implementation yet?
> The draft is intended to document what we've already implemented in OpenLDAP. 
> The OpenLDAP implementation will continue to exist regardless of the document 
> status.

Thanks for openldap team to having implemented this and for your draft
to presented a solution. I think i will use this feature. Updating
clients may be a bit difficult but had I used RDBMS updating table
structure is also troublesome (although probably in that case the table
can be pre-designed to be more flexible). Especially there are only a
few attributes, not all attributes, in real business use have very
important requirement on their order.