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Re: multiple attribute list need

Paul Ghosh wrote:
> The need is to get back pairs of full name/email address as opposed to a
> list of full names and a list of email addresses and then have to manually
> join them hoping they are in the same order.  A dynamic list cannot return
> multiple values for 'displayName' and it does not return the data in pairs.
> In the example provided we used 'departmentNumber' to create a group of
> people and are returning their full name and email address.  Initially we
> would create one such group for each of the departments we have in the
> organization.  Going forward we would create additional groups based on
> other criteria.  So, the need is to return pairs of fullname/email address
> data when LDAP is queried for a particular group/list while keeping the
> application unaware of the different criteria set up in LDAP to group the
> people together.

OK, so basically you would like to move the filter into an entry instead
of setting it in the application.  Searching for that entry (call it an
"assertion object"?) would trigger the execution of a sub-search.  Is
this correct?  If it is, I don't think there's anything specific to
support that (but I might be overlooking something).  However, it would
be (almost) straightforward to implement it, with few caveats.


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