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Re: access accesslog: how do I search for modifications under a subtree?

Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> Dear everyone
> I use accesslog and is pretty fond of it. Recently I need to look up
> several deleted entries, who deleted them and when, who modified these
> entries before deletion. And I found it not easy.
> All the clue I have is the deleted entries, before they are deleted, are
> in certain subtree. I first thought I can do a search like this:
> ldapsearch ...(accesslog db)... '(reqDn=*uid=dep1,ou=contacts,dc=example,dc=com)'

Of course DNs do not support substring match.

> Where 'uid=dep1,ou=contacts,dc=example,dc=com' is the parent node of the
> node that was deleted.
> This doesn't work (always return no result). I guess one reason is
> wildcard search is not allowed in reqDn for certain reason.
> The second idea is to dump while accesslog database and do some grepping
> and awking around it. But that way the whole means of using ldap
> database for accesslog is lost. The reason of using ldapdatabase for
> accesslog, rather than a plain text file, is to be able to search for
> modification records without having to do grepping and awking
> (especially grepping might be diffcult because the dn might been base64
> encoded in ldif dumped from database)
> So again can someone with experience show what you would do in this
> case? 


$ ldapsearch \

See RFC4515 for a specification of extensible filters; the
dnSubtreeMatch rule is an OpenLDAP extension, AFAIK.


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