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Re: Deleting subtree - server side

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Arunachalam Parthasarathy wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply. But, is move subtree operation (implemented in
>> openldap server side) is a combination of delete subtree and add right?
>> Or is it like changing the references in the dn2id file?
> No, if it were like that it would be uniformly available for all databases.
> It actually consists in changing the parent/child relationship between
> two entries, exploiting underlying Berkeley DB transactions while
> performing an LDAP atomic operation (rename).  This is possible because
> slapd-hdb does not store the full name of an entry within the entry
> itself, but only parent/child relationships (the "h" stands for
> "hierarchical" and not for "Howard", the author ;), from which the full
> DN is recursively reconstructed.

"Howard DB", I wonder what you would store in it ;-)

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