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Re: problems with slapd-ldap and overlays in using OpenLDAP as an LDAP proxy

--On August 6, 2007 9:30:59 PM +0200 Pierangelo Masarati <ando@sys-net.it> wrote:

DePriest, Jason R. wrote:
I am a complete newbie with OpenLDAP.  I have worked with Windows NT
Domains and Active Directory for a long time.  I've also worked with
Microsoft ADAM and CA's eTrust Admin Directory.

However, I am having trouble getting OpenLDAP to perform what I think
are basic functions.

I have a Debian GNU/Linux Etch system with a 2.6.18 kernel.

slapd reports a version of 2.3.30.

slapd-ldap(5) saw some significant enhancement around 2.3.34 or so; I'd recommend to updated to the latest (2.3.37 right now).

I believe 2.3.35 is available from backports.org for Debian.


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