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Syncrepl with back-sql provider

Hello all,

I would like to replicate content of one OpenLDAP server running over the sql backend to the another one running over the bdb (provider version 2.3.37, consumer 2.3.34). I set up
overlay syncprov on the sql based provider and syncrepl directive on the bdb consumer, but replication does not work. On the provider I can see in the log file:

Aug 2 14:27:47 ducklet slapd[27789]: Entry dc=mff,dc=cuni,dc=cz CSN 20070802122747Z#000000#00#000000 greater than snapshot 20070802122642Z#000000#00#000000

for all entries, which should be replicated. When I start consumer with -c switch, eg.:

slapd -d 16389 -h "ldap:/// ldaps:///" -c 'rid=1,csn=20070731102106Z#000000#00#000000'

I get a little bit different message:

Aug 2 13:53:56 ducklet slapd[26562]: Entry dc=mff,dc=cuni,dc=cz CSN 20070731102106Z#000000#00#000000 matches ctx 20070731102106Z#000000#00#000000

but replication does not work as well.

When I try to use similarly configured provider with bdb backend, then replication works as expected.

Is there anybody who can help ?

Best regards,
Pavel Zakouril