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Re: OpenLDAP 2.4 (alpha) - multi-master-replication (docs)

--On Thursday, August 02, 2007 1:58 AM +0200 Stefan Jurisch <s.jurisch@siegnetz.de> wrote:


Just round about a few hour ago I wrote an email to Quanah, who gave me
the advice to contact the developers' mailinglist, so I did it, but there
the moderator told be to better redirect my question into this
software-mailinglist... now I do so, and I really hope to be in the
correct list now. :-)

I just would like to ask one little question:
Is there already any documentation on the multi-master-replication
feature, which is planned for the upcoming openldap-release 2.4?

At work I have to implement a special ldap-solution which should provide
this feature beacuse our customer has multiple locations where the 3 big
ones should have their own master-directory-server.
Even the german Linux Magazine brought an article this month, where the
author also writes about this new features in the new 2.4-release.
I compiled the openldap-source just last sunday, but I did not find any
documentation to activate and use the multi-master-replication.

Perhaps you can help me, please?

Did you look at test050-syncrepl-multimaster in the CVS checkout?


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