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Possible to create "link" between trees in openldap 2.3


I am not sure what the correct terminology is, but as part of a major
re-work of our OpenLDAP directory we are moving from:

ou=people, dc=nsd, dc=org


ou=people, ou=accounts, dc=nsd, dc=org.

In the new server I would like to create a "link" from 

ou=people, dc=nsd, dc=org -> ou=people, ou=accounts, dc=nsd, dc=org.

because I have 2500 email clients that have as a search base
ou=people, dc=nsd, dc=org and my user community is not able to update
their email clients to point to the new search base.

Is it there a way to create a "link" and if so how.

Thanks for your help.



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