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Re: failover config: servers with same DNS address and TLS, subjectAltName extension

Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:

> Though I suspect that in the 7 
> or so years that OpenLDAP has supported OpenSSL, many people have been
> confronted with this problem, read the docs, and implemented the solution and
> moved on to the next thing, without any fuss. 

I am not sure I'm the only one that have the feeling he has lost too
many time to bring the parts together for a recurrent usage that could
have been better documented. Feedback from other users would be

> It may just mean there is a language barrier, something that would better be
> served by a translation of OpenSSL docs into French.

So in your opinion, I'm basically compaining because I can't read
english? This is getting rude. :-/

Emmanuel Dreyfus