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Re: OPENLDAP ein Active/Passive

On 7/24/07, Zouhair BOUNOUALA <bozouhair@gmail.com> wrote:

It's my fisrt post in this  list.I hope that will not be the last.

I want t o implement openldap in a cluster active/passive.

Which directory must I share between the two machines of cluster?

If they are document or link to follow, I will be grateful.

PS : It's urgent.

1)You really should spend a bit of time on this, if you're asking these kinds of questions, I don't know if it is wise for you to implement an HA LDAP server "urgently".

2)To answer your question, the critical data to have on shared storage
(I'm assuming SAN storage, anything else you are better off with a
master and a slave IMHO) is the database directory(ies), and the
directories for the transaction logs - so I normally don't put the
transaction logs in a different directory on an HA cluster. Secondly,
you may, or may not want to put the configuration files on the SAN as
well. I prefer not to - but when using dynamic configuration you
probably should. Many HA clustered setups also have the software
installed on the SAN, but I prefer not to do this (as you can easily
test a new version by upgrading one node and failing over, and
upgrading the other node once you are happy with the new version).

Finally, there is no point setting up a new HA cluster on old
software, you should definitely not attempt this on 2.2, and you
really need to spend at least a week documenting and testing a
solution like this (having done this twice so far myself).