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Re: ManageDSAiT

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> Christophe Gudin wrote:
>> I'm having some trouble with following referrals and especially
>> ManageDSAiT.
> ManageDSAit has no use in "following referrals"; actually, it's meant to
> provide the opposite, i.e. access to the real referral entry rather then
> it being used to "compute" a referral (or search references).  Please
> refer to RFC 3296.
> [..]
> Using manageDSAit by default is an abuse of that control, since its use
> is confined to very specific needs (like administering a DIT); I
> wouldn't assume this happens by default in any piece of software.
> Having said this, I have no knowledge of JNDI.

Well, some people might be inspired in the wrong direction because of
JNDI's behaviour. They send the ManageDSAit control by default and
extract the search continuation information from the referral entries

Ciao, Michael.